Tahiti and Bora Bora ‒ the Most Amazing Islands of the Pacific Ocean


Ihr wisst ja wie gerne ich reise. Trotzdem gibt es natürlich immer noch den ein oder anderen Ort an dem auch ich noch nicht war ;) So zum Beispiel in Tahiti oder auf Bora Bora. Ich wollte dort schon immer einmal hin aber denke, dass ich mir Bora Bora definitiv als Flitterwochenziel reserviere. Heute hat daher die liebe Marie einen Gastbeitrag über diese wunderschönen Orte für euch verfasst. Ich freue mich den Artikel heute hier auf Fashcation mit euch teilen zu können. Schaut euch allein diese wunderschönen Bilder an! Da bekommt man doch direkt wieder Fernweh. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim lesen ihr Lieben!

Wenn du auch einmal einen Gastbeitrag hier auf Fashcation veröffentlichen möchtest, schreib mir gerne :)


You know how much I love to travel… but imagine there are still some places I also havent been yet ;) For example Tahiti or Bora Bora. I have always wanted to travel to Bora Bora, but I think I will keep this place for my honeymoon. Today Marie wrote a blogpost about those two beautiful places. I’m happy to publish her post today here on Fashcation. Look at this beautiful pictures. I’m sure you will get wanderlust in a second, as soon as you read that post. Have fun reading, friends. xx

If you also want to publish a guestpost here on fashcation sometime, just let me know :)


If there’s one place you can call a heaven on Earth, then it would have to be beautiful French Polynesia and its tropical islands. However, even this remote archipelago has its hidden gems, each one with its own unique charm. As the heart of the Society Islands, Tahiti features a unique mixture of different cultures, lovely black-sand beaches and charming blue lagoons. And just an hour away lies the island of romance and love, dreamy Bora Bora. The moment you feel the sand of these islands between your toes, you’ll be simply mesmerised.


The splendours of Tahiti

With its vibrant and lively capital of Papeete, majestic volcanic mountains and charming lagoons, Tahiti is the perfect destinations for all of you looking for both an exciting nightlife and relaxing holiday. Once you arrive in Tahiti, you’ll be consumed by its authentic spirit and laid-back lifestyle. Tahitians live by one philosophy, aita pea pea, meaning “not to worry”. So, to capture the spirit of Tahitian lifestyle, you just need to let yourself go.

When not lounging at a beach, free from all of your worries, take some time to explore Tahiti and its unique culture. You can visit traditional Polynesian villages and mingle with the locals, or relax at the Botanical Gardens, which are located on the west coast. Tahiti is the land of black pearls, so you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Musée de la Perle and admire the beautiful collections. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, then there’s no better place to have one done in the spirit of Tahiti. Those looking for an adrenaline boost, famous Teahupoo is the perfect place for taming the Tahitian waves.

Nothing will taste more delicious than a local dish from roulottes, Tahitian snack shops on wheels. Have a taste of the most popular dishes, such as poisson cru, fresh fish prepared with coconut, lime juice or vegetables, or Chinese specialty ma’a tinito, a mixture of pork, kidney beans, macaroni and Chinese cabbage. When it comes to accommodation, there are numerous five-star hotels, but staying at a resort will provide you with a more authentic experience.


The romance of Bora Bora

The endless blue horizons, turquoise lagoons, sandy beaches and air filled with romance can all be found at the out-of-this-world island of Bora Bora. This island is where lovers go to celebrate their love, where artists find their inspiration and where anyone can find their inner peace. Bora Bora is a true jewel of the Pacific Ocean with unrivalled beauty.

The island of Bora Bora will provide you with both excitement and relaxation. You can spend your days lounging on beautiful beaches or exploring the wonders of the underwater world by snorkelling and diving. Bora Bora has a truly dreamlike setting with its colourful scenery of blue-greenish waters and lush green rainforest. So, resist the allure of just sunbathing, and go hiking to reconnect with nature. At the main village of Vaitape, you can go shopping at the local boutiques and then enjoy a relaxing dinner at the popular Mai Kai, overlooking the water, or the famous Bloody Mary’s where you can sip a delicious cocktail and have a taste of superb and fresh seafood.

The accommodation at Bora Bora certainly doesn’t lack style, authenticity and charm. You simply have to stay in one of the lovely and comfortable overwater bungalows where you can admire the horizon from your own bed. At the authentic Le Meridién resort, you can stay in a bungalow with the largest glass flooring in Bora Bora, while at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui, you can retreat to an idyllic cove of lava rock and white sand. Of course, the list of amazing resorts goes on, and you just need to take your pick.


While Tahiti will meet your needs for adventure, exciting nightlife and diverse culture, Bora Bora will help you find romance and love in a majestic setting of colourful scenery.


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